Great Life-giving and Encouraging Black Friday Shopping Ideas

imagine heaven

Stay out of the lines. Here are some great ideas that will give encouragement and hope this Holiday season.       NYT Bestseller by my good friend John Burke.                   Great lessons to help erase those negative tapes that frequently haunt us in our thoughts.   […]

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The ABCs of Gratitude


Needing a little help in being grateful this year? Here are 26 alphabetical, biblical and unchanging realities for which we can all be thankful. Spend some time thanking God for each of them. Adoption. God has adopted us as his sons and daughters. In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ […]

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Naked Men, Saunas and Jesus.

Summit cross

I stepped into the sauna last week at the gym I frequent in the hopes of working on some sore muscles. The sauna is very popular and usually filled with men in varying forms of dress or undress. I need you to know that I’m a dressed guy. I’m not a fan of burning my […]

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As the Waters Recede, What will We Discover?

Mexico Colonial Church

There’s an intriguing thing happening right now in central Mexico. A severe drought has caused the water level in Nezahualcoyotl reservoir in Chiapas to drop over 80 feet, revealing the ruins of a 16th Century church that is normally submerged under 100 feet of water. (Read the full article here.) The Temple of Santiago was […]

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We Need to Talk about This


Hello friends, I pray you are well. As I mentioned in my message to our church this weekend, we have to address the sexual sin in our church. At the end of last week an ACFer wrote me and offered some perspective he had received during the 40 days. He told me that he felt […]

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Do You have What It Takes to be a Disciple?


Recently I had to opportunity to lead our church in Austin through a forty day period of fasting and prayer. It was an amazing and enlightening time for all of us who participated. I really believe the fruit of this corporate fast will be evident for years to come. One of the early pictures God […]

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Greetings, friends! Congratulations to those of you that just completed the 40 days of prayer and fasting! I am so proud of all of you! I can’t believe how great this time has been and the amazing stories that have come in of what God has done during this time. This weekend at ACF we […]

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How to Raise a Child Who Won’t Bail on God

Image of Pray Big for Your Child: The Power of Praying God's Promises for Your Child's Life Book Cover

Are you raising a disciple? Are they equipped to leave home and stand for Christ? Are you sure? Did you know that 80-90% of kids raised in Christian households stop going to church when they leave home? That’s right. Their so-called “Christian-upbringing” doesn’t necessarily give them a strong enough foundation to walk with God when […]

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Be One Who Serves

Greetings, friends…we are nearing the finish line of our 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting!  I am thrilled that over 500 of you signed up to participate in this experience with us and want to encourage you to press on to the finish…God will honor your obedience. Please continue to send your stories of what […]

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Choose Your Path Wisely

Last summer I had the opportunity to spend some extended time in pursuit of my goal of climbing all 58 of Colorado’s 14,00 foot peaks. As of today, I’ve successfully summited 35 of them. In mid June my son and I decided to make a run at Mt. Wilson. The Wilson group (Mt. Wilson, Wilson Peak […]

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